Reach In

To learn more about any activity, please contact Joanne in our office.  She will be able to answer your questions or direct you to the person who can.  You can reach her at 603-436-8283 or

Archivists - The Archivists preserve, celebrate and share the rich history at St. John's


Coffee Hour - Coffee Hour at St. John's is one of the central components to our fellowship on Sunday mornings.  We are always looking for more help, both with coordination and individual Sunday help.



Counters - The counters process all the donations collected throughout the week and on Sunday for deposit into each donor's record.

Knitting Group - The St. John's Knitters knit prayer shawls or seaman's hats to be given to those in need.

Loafers - St. John's has a wonderful tradition of sharing bread with visitors and newcomers.  Our team of dedicated bakers make loaves of bread that are given during the Sunday services.

Office Volunteers - Our dedicated group of volunteers assist the staff with all kinds of administrative tasks from mailings, office coverage, and large and small projects.

Pastoral Care - St. John's parishioners organize to provide a meal or ride to a person from St. John's who may be in need due to illness, recovery from surgery, at home with a new baby, or just need help getting to church or doctor's appointment due to health concerns.

Prayer Chain - The members of the Prayer Chain pray daily for those who are troubled in any way.  We hold them up into God's infinitely loving hands for healing and physical strength through any difficult time, asking that they will sense God's presence with them in the very air they breathe.  To add someone to the prayer list, email Susan Mennel at

Receptions Ministry - This Committee lovingly provides receptions for funeral.  All food and drink is provided by volunteers who prepare the food, set up the reception hall and help the family through a difficult time.

Vestry - The Vestry is charged with oversight and management of church financial matters and with the calling of the rector.