Rite 13

What is Rite 13?

Rite 13 is a ceremony that celebrates and honors a child's rite of passage into adolescence. So many of our Christian rituals (Baptism, weddings, funerals, confirmation, etc.) mark major life transitions. Rite 13 offers a way to mark the transition to adolescence while saving the rite of confirmation for high schoolers who have had more time to grapple with what they believe. Rite 13 is a complement to Confirmation, not a replacement. It signifies a transition in the relationships between young folks and their community, parents, family and friends. It celebrates the fact that God’s love extends to those difficult years. Even Jesus was a teenager at some point!

It gives all of us a way come together to support of our youth as they negotiate the joyous, exciting, turbulent waters of adolescence. It’s a beautiful and reflective time for families to unite around an important transition, for teens to bond with one another, and for parents to celebrate AND commiserate!

Who goes through Rite 13?

The ceremony is for those kids either turning 13 before the next school year starts or who have turned 13 since last July. Most who participate are in 7th or 8th grade.  

What’s next?

If you and your child are interested in participating in the Rite 13 ceremony held in May, please let me know—e-mail me at nathan@stjohnsnh.org.