Through Baptism we welcome you into Christ's Body the Church.

Anyone who wants to join the Episcopal Church is welcome to be baptized at St. John's.  We celebrate baptism approximately five times per year during the Rite II service on Sunday morning or during the Easter Vigil.  Baptisms generally occur in January, at the Easter Vigil, in May, July and the first Sunday in November.  As the dates change yearly based on the liturgical calendar, please call the office for specific dates or see the Baptism schedule -  BAPTISM SCHEDULE.   There is also a rehearsal that takes place between the 8am and 10am Sunday service, around 9am.   

If you or a family member wish to be baptized, please contact our office at 603-436-8283, or download the baptism form (below), fill it out and return to the office prior to the date you will participate in.                                        

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a dress code?

No.  Dress your child in whatever will make you both the most comfortable.

Do I assign God Parents?

We call them Witnesses or Sponsors, but yes.  You can choose up to four but the usual is two.  If the Witnesses are Christians, great, but not a requirement.

Is there a fee?

No, there is no fee for baptism.