Common Table

Common Table welcomes all to a nutritious meal in a joyful environment, feeding body and soul within a caring community.

Every Thursday at noon, people from all across the Seacoast area come to the Common Table for a nutritious meal served in a joyous atmosphere.  Housed at St. John’s Episcopal Church in downtown Portsmouth, but a separately funded and community run activity, the Common Table began in 2001 and has fed approximately 80,000 children and adults over the last thirteen years.

I love this place. It is NOT a dinner for the ‘homeless’. It is a nice place. The people are all so kind. You have all been so wonderful. It is a social event where we can have good food, and meet good friends!


One of the many special components of this meal is it is truly a “common table”.  People from all walks of life and social and economic level; homeless, local business people, handicapped, seniors, children and volunteers, all sit side by side at the tables set for the meal.  There is conversation, laughter, friendship and caring… a community.

Diane, one of our many wonderfully dedicated volunteers.

Diane, one of our many wonderfully dedicated volunteers.

I love the dignity with which everyone is treated. It’s wonderful to be served at the table, rather than walking through a food line. This is a wonderful ministry. THANK YOU.


When individuals have access to basic human needs of life, in this case food, they are better able to develop a strong community, which is vital to individual self-sufficiency.  Strong community builds strong individuals.

Open hearts, helping hands, listening ears. You’ve helped unfortunate people, those in need, and others as well. Thank you for a place to go
Chef Patrice volunteers his time.

Chef Patrice volunteers his time.


We invite you to become a member of the Common Table community.  We hope to see you next Thursday!

Donate online to The common table at our ST. JOHN'S ONLINE DONATIONS page managed by EasyTithe.