Make a Bequest

The easiest way to become a member of St. John’s Legacy Society is to create a bequest through your will or trust.  A bequest is a gift that comes directly to St. John’s upon your death.  It’s flexible in that it can be revised any time your circumstances change.

The most common and useful bequest is an unrestricted bequest for the general purposes of St. John’s.  This permits the Church to use your gift wherever it is most needed. 

Bequests to St. John’s are typically:

  • A specific dollar amount
  • A percentage of the remainder of your estate after all other obligations have been met
  • Specified assets such as stock, real estate or tangible personal property
  • A specific dollar amount or percentage of retirement account assets
  • A contingent bequest, in which St. John’s becomes the beneficiary only if the named beneficiary is unable to accept the bequest